What We Spent: Panama


Total: US$318.77 per person

Number of days: 8

Average daily spend: US$39.85 per person

  • Panama was the 2nd most expensive country on our journey. Our budget was pushed over by our flight to Colombia. Short of hiking over the Darrien Gap, you need to factor an unavoidably expensive flight or even more expensive boat trip into your budget. Other than this we found it necessary to eat breakfast and dinner in everyday. Travelling in the low season also saved us about US$5 per person, per day.


Average: $10 per person, low season

Panama City: $10 per person, 4 bed dorm

  • Expect to pay from $15 per person in the high season


Daily Average: US$11.40 per person

Cheapest Meal Out: US$5 per person - Set menu: soup, chicken, rice, salad, coke

Most Expensive Meal Out: N/A. Because of our budget we did not eat out often in Panama City

Water (2L): US$0. Water is safe to in Panama City.

Beer: We didn't have beer in Panama! 2 cocktails - about US$16. Mid range 750ml Rum - US$7.25


Flight: US$83.60 per person (Panama City - Medellin, Colombia. 3 hours, 20 minutes)

Average Taxi within Panama City: US$5.80

  • Well dressed taxi drivers in nice suits wait outside tourist hotspots such as the Panama Canal and shopping malls and charge sky high prices. Look out for the less groomed taxis for a better price.
  • Ask your hostel staff for an average fare to a destination and negotiate the price with the driver BEFORE getting in the taxi


Average daily: US$3

  • Includes entry to Panama Canal ($10 students, $15 adults), Parque Natural Metropolitano, Museo de Arte Contemporaneous, BioMuseum


Crossing Borders: $15 departure tax per person

Medical Expenses: US$0

ATM fees: US$5.50 per withdrawal