What We Spent: Mexico



Number of days: 22 days

Average daily spend:

Notes: We found accommodation slightly more expensive in Mexico than most other places however tourist attractions and food prices were low which made Mexico affordable for a budget back packer.


Average: 150 pesos per night.

  • NB: Most of these prices could be done slightly cheaper.

Mexico City: 180 pesos - 14 bed dorm

Puebla: 160 pesos per person - Private room

Oaxaca: 140 pesos - 10 bed dorm

Puerto Escondido: 150 pesos per person - private room (low season)

San Cristobal de las Casas: 120 pesos - 14 bed dorm

Palenque: 150 pesos per person - private room (low season)


Daily Average:

Cheapest Meal Out: 18 pesos (3 tacos per person, soda)

Most Expensive Meal Out: 594 including tip, 2 large mains, 2 beverages.

Water (2L): 15 pesos

Beer (measurement???):


  • NB: These prices could be done cheaper by taking second class buses. Being so early in our trip we often opted for nicer transport.

Mexico City - Puebla: 170 pesos per person (2.5hours), ADO premium

Puebla - Oaxaca: 300 pesos per person (5 hours), ADO

Oaxaca - Puerto Escondido: 209 pesos per person (6 hours), Collectivo

Puerto Escondido - San Cristobal de las Casas: 663 pesos per person, ADO overnight (13 hours)

San Cristobal de las Casas - Palenque: 122 pesos, ADO. 100 pesos, collectivo.


Average daily:


Border crossing entry/ exit fees: 362 pesos. See our full Palenque, Mexico - Flores, Guatemala page to learn how to avoid the Mexico departure tax.

Medical Expenses: N/A

ATM fees:

ATM withdrawal limit: 5000 pesos