As the bus descends into the Sacred Valley you’ll quickly realise Pisa’s drawcard – the spectacular surrounding scenery.


Getting there:

Catch a bus from Av. Huascar between Av. Garcilazo and Av. Manco Capac. Buses leave fairly frequently. 3 soles per person, 1 hour 10 minutes.

Once in Pisac make your way to the main town square and take the left corner heading toward the closest hills. Pass the stores that line the path and keep heading up along the clearly marked path up toward the terraced ruins.

Collectives also run to and from Pisac (4 soles, 45 minutes), leaving from the corner of Amazonas and Grau in Pisac.


Entrance to the ruins is included with the Boleto Turistico Del Cusco (see our Cusco blog for more details). Pisac is a relatively hard and steep climb but the major perk is that it is one of the only ruins which you can explore on foot with virtually no other people. You’ll see the odd other tourist on the track and may see a tour bus or two from a distance. Other than this you can enjoy the vast and amazing views of this valley at your own pace and in peace and quiet – even in the high season.



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