Lucha Libre

For many Lucha Libre is a way of life. For the outsider it is more of a theatrical spectacular. Whichever way you look at it, a night out at a the Lucha Libre will not be forgotten.

Like Japanese sumo wrestlers, Luchadores (wrestlers) often come from families with values and history inbred to the freestyle wrestling scene. This becomes particularly apparent once you step into the arena. Their fans are equally involved, often dressing up or enthusiastically chanting in favour or against the luchadores. Even if you don’t speak Spanish, you’ll understand the vibe.

“Tag team wrestling” is the most amusing show of the night, coming to life with the help of acrobatics, choreography and costumes. Egyptian, commando, angel, devil and monster costumes are all part of the experience. It is really something else.

At times we felt uncomfortable by the over sexualisation of women luchadores. Estrellita would, for example, stop mid fight pausing the entire match to flaunt her assets and lift her skirt much to the (mostly) male crowd’s delight. If you can stomach this, Lucha Libre is a great night out.

Getting There:

• Arena Mexico : Arena México, Calle Dr. Lavista #189, Cuauhtémoc, Doctores, 06720 Ciudad de México, D.F., México.

• A taxi to the stadium cost 260 pesos return. This was our first day as backpackers so we were ripped off. Haggle the price to at least half this.

• The closest metro station is Metro Cuauhtémoc. The stadium is about 200 metres from the metro station. This is by far the cheapest option if you are with a group or feel confident navigating México City at night.

Total Cost: 390 pesos for two people including tickets (65-80 pesos per person) and taxi to stadium. Tours start from 350 pesos per person with the main difference being a shot of tequilla provided, just go by yourself.

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