La Merced Market

Markets never get old when travelling. Each market provides its own point of difference. La Merced Market is no exception.

La Merced is technically two large barn styled buildings surrounding La Merced metro station. In reality the markets have taken over many blocks of this district. Vendors take over any vacant nook or cranny to set up a stall which is their livelihoods. We’re not really sure if anyone knows where they stop.

Even though the market serves a city of 21 million people, the mystery still remains; how can so many near identical vendors keep in business? Somehow they do and each day you’ll find rows and rows of candy, specialty party balloons, fruit, vegetables, catering equipment and clothing. You name it, it’s there.

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Getting there and away:

• Address: corner of Anillo de Circunvalacion and General Anaya. However the markets spread for a long way.

• Metro stop: Merced. 1 metro ticket = 5 pesos per person from anywhere within the city, the metro stops within the market.

• The markets are about a 30 minute walk from the Metropolitan Cathedral. The walk provides an insight into how much of the district is covered in markets. There are some great food stalls and churches along the way. Be sure to walk right to the above metro station (or near) so you’re not fooled by the smaller markets surrounding the area.


• Pre learn words like half (medio) in spanish for when you want to buy fruit or vegetables.

• Keep an eye on your back pocket or backpack. We encountered no problems by applying a bit of common sense.

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