Corn Islands

Can you afford to go to the Corn Islands? Yes you can.

The first question budget backpackers think of is, how much do the corn islands cost? We left New Zealand knowing of the Corn Islands and longing to go but ruled it out as an option we could afford. But after saving a bit here and there over the first two months backpacking it quickly became apparent that the Corn Islands were within reach. What’s more we afforded to get our PADI scuba diving certificates too!

This peaceful, remote and absolutely gorgeous tropical island is unique beyond words. No wifi, no cell phone coverage and even no electricity for most of the day! If you come here be prepared to relax, scuba dive some of the most beautiful reefs and work on your tan while enjoying peaceful island life.



How much do the Corn Islands cost?

∗ The Corn Islands can be done cheaper if not learning to scuba dive from scratch and by bringing more food and eating out a whole lot less than we did! Or just say f*#k the budget like we did and save money another time!

Flights to Big Corn Island: C4771 (US$170)

Departure tax: C54 per person each way

Hostel Big Corn Island (Angela’s): C100 per person, private room.

Boat from Big Corn Island to Little Corn Island: C145 per person one way.

3 Brothers Hostel: C169 per person, per night, private room.

Average cost of meal out (main & beverage): C260 per person

PADI Scuba Diving Course: C8064 per person (5 day course, Dolphin Dive)

1.5L water: C20 (or stay at 3 Brothers who have free drinking water!)

Eggs: C11 each

Can of soda: C60

Taxi Big Corn Island: C30

TOTAL SPENT 9 DAYS: C4771 per person (flights) + C13,907 all other expenses per person.

Ok we went over budget but mainland Nicaragua was so cheap that we made up for this overspending


CornIslands4  CornIslands3

What else is there to do on Little Corn Island? Scuba diving the warm, crystal clear water is the highlight of the Corn Islands. You’re almost guaranteed to dive with nurse sharks, turtles and stingrays amongst an array of other beautiful tropical fish. Snorkelling is a budget friendly option if you can’t afford to dive. Most of the dive schools rent these by the day or you can bring a cheap one on from the mainland. Walk around the perimeter of the island stopping to enjoy the views and swimming spots. Relax and enjoy a good book on the beach. Before you know it you’ll be back in an office longing for your days on Little Corn Island….


Accommodation: 3 Brothers Hostel. The kitchen is not ideal which is why we ate out more frequently. There is free drinking water from the well (yes, we didn’t die!). Rooms and bathrooms are tidy and have fans. This hostel is a few minutes from the main restaurants and dive schools of Little Corn Island.


• If you have anything like asthma any reputable diving school will ask for a medical clearance so get this  before you arrive on the islands.

• Pack as much food as you can into your packs in Managua (without exceeding the baggage allowance!) There is a limited variety of food on Little Corn Island and what is there is expensive.

• If you’re super smart/ or just super poor you might consider storing most of your belongings in a Managua hostel so you can jam your pack full of food. Just be sure to leave enough room for your togs!

•Eggs, bread and bananas are cheap ingredients to buy on Little Corn Island. Hello french toast for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

• There is a lady who sells coconut bread on the Little Corn Island (go past 3 Brothers Hostel and vear to the left past the school. Her shop is on the right in her yellow house. It is cheap (C40) and good.

• If you plan on snorkeling buy a cheap snorkel on the mainland to save $.


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