If you’re heading to Tikal, you’re most likely going to pass through or stop in Flores.

There isn’t a heap to do in Flores but the colourful cobbled streets are pleasant to take a walk around and the food market (bridge end of Calle 15 de Septiembre) on Friday nights provide a decent spread of street food. Apparently swimming in the lake is a thing however the water is not overly inviting, kayaking may be more pleasant.

Flores Island is a tourist hub and where there are tourists, there are people out to make money. From the moment you arrive in Flores you will be hounded by people trying to sell you this or that tour, accommodation or transport deal. Our advice is to go to the main attractions independently using public transport as much as possible. If you are going to book a tour be sure you know what it includes and be prepared to possibly be ripped off.

You’re probably in Flores as a stop over for Tikal so check out our Tikal page for tips on getting to Tikal, expenses, camping, avoiding rip offs and sunset tours.



• Hospedaje Dona Goya (Q35: dormitory, Calle Union, Flores Island). This place is cheap and therefore attractive. It’s clean enough and there is a nice roof-top hangout space. There is no kitchen facilities and other than the rooftop not much hang out spaces but good enough if you just want a place to sleep.

Getting there from Palenque, México: See our Border Crossing: Palenque, Mexico to Flores, Guatemala page for step by step instructions.

Getting there from Semuc Champey: Once in Semuc Champey there aren’t many options to get back out and as there is limited internet access making research difficult. All the hostals offer shuttles to major destinations including Flores (Q215). Although expensive, they are hassle free especially if your level of Spanish is basic.



• ATM: There are a few ATMs in convenience stores on the island of Flores however if you are up for a slight walk Mundo Maya International Mall (across the bridge behind Pollo Campero – corner 1a Calle and 6a Avenida) is your best bet.

• Supermarket: Again there are convenience stores on the island of Flores but Mundo Maya International Mall (across the bridge behind Pollo Campero – corner 1a Calle and 6a Avenida) has a large well stocked supermarket.

• Hotel Mirador Del Lago has rental kayaks to take out on the lake.

• Bus Terminal: all local buses stop at Terminal Central de Buses – 6a Avenida, Flores (2.5km from Flores Island).

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