A photogenic town along Ruta de Flores – the main draw card being affordable ziplining.

Like Juayua, Apaneca is situated around a town square with the beautiful Iglesia San Andrés Apostol standing proudly atop a wide staircase. If like us, ziplining has drawn you to Apaneca head to Apaneca Canopy Tours. Tours depart four times a day (9.30AM, 11.30AM, 2PM, 4PM). It is best to ring ahead.

The tour (US$35) begins with a ride on the back of a lorry along dusty and bumpy rural roads until you reach a coffee farm. The course consists of 2.5km of cable, giving you the opportunity to get a bird’s eye view of coffee plantations and surrounding forest. We have nothing to compare this to, but the cables were a lot shorter and slower than we had imagined.

All in all the zip lining wasn’t as good as we’d hoped but is a lot more affordable than places such as Costa Rica. If you’re on a tight budget and want to give it a go, zip lining in Apaneca is a good option and feasible in half a day.


Getting there and away:

• Take bus number R249 anywhere along Ruta de Flores (US$0.40, approx 30 mins from Juayua).

• The bus drops you right in the town centre.



• Call ahead to book your zipline tour. They do not check their emails frequently and may look at you strangely if you have not pre booked.


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